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Investigative Reports

Public Citizen's Congress Watch and other Public Citizen divisions regularly produce reports revealing how special interests seek to influence federal legislation, elections, and regulatory affairs.

Auto Industry 
Asbestos Industry 
Congress & the Lobbying Industry
Energy Industry 
Gambling Industry 
Miscellaneous Industries & Trade Groups 
Health Care & Pharmaceutical Industries 
Homeland Security Industries 
Tobacco Industry 

Auto Industry

(10/27/00) Auto Safety Legislation Rolled by Special Interests 

Asbestos Industry

(5/10/05) Federal Asbestos Legislation: And The Winners Are...

(3/9/00) How Special Interests Make Law: GAF Corporation Tries to Buy Liability Protection From Asbestos Claims

Congress & the Lobbying Industry

(11/17/05) Analysis of Lobbyist Donors to DeLay Attending Nov. 17th DeLay Fundraiser Dinner

(10/26/05) A Matter of Trust: How The Revolving Door Undermines Public Confidence In Government, and What To Do About It

(7/28/2005) Congressional Revolving Doors: The Journey from Congress to K Street

 Graph and Table: Overall Expenditures on Lobbying 1999 - 2004

(12/6/04 ) Rep. Tom DeLay Accepted Lobbyists’ Contributions to Legal Defense Fund in Likely Violation of House Rules

Energy Industry

(05/5/04) America’s Dirtiest Power Plants: Plugged into the Bush Administration

(10/10/03) EPA’s Smoke Screen: How Congress Was Given False Information While Campaign Contributions and Political Connections Gutted a Key Clean Air Rule

(4/01/02) Yucca Mountain Bought and Sold: Science Smothered Under a Mountain of Nuclear Lobbyists (Critical Mass Energy and Environment Project Publication)

(12/21/01) Blind Faith: How Deregulation and Enron's Influence Over Government Looted Billions from Americans (Critical Mass Energy and Environment Project Publication)

(2/15/01) Got Juice? Bush's Refusal to End California Electricity Price Gouging Enriches Texas Friends and Big Contributors (Critical Mass Energy and Environment Project Publication)

Gambling Industry

(3/15/01) Folding to the Casino Industry: How Soft Money Buys Congress

(6/14/99) Betting on Trent Lott: The Casino Gambling Industry's Campaign Contributions Pay Off In Congress

Health Care & Pharmaceutical Industries

(12/21/04) Bush Administration’s Effective Denial of Drug Importation from Canada Appears to be Due to Power of Drug Money, New Report Reveals

(9/20/04) Big PhRMA’s Stealth PACs: How the Drug Industry Uses 501(c) Non-Profit Groups to Influence Elections

(6/23/04) The Medicare Drug War: Drug Companies and HMOs Led an Army of Nearly 1,000 Lobbyists to Promote Misguided Legislation and Increase Profits

(6/23/03) The Other Drug War 2003: Drug Companies Use an Army of 675 Lobbyists to Keep Profits Up

(10/21/02) United Seniors Association: Hired Guns for PhRMA and Other Corporate Interests - October 2002 Update

(7/12/02) United Seniors Association: Hired Guns for PhRMA and Other Corporate  Interests

(6/13/02) The Other Drug War II: Drug Companies Use an Army of 623 Lobbyists to Keep Profits Up

(7/23/01) The Other Drug War: Big Pharma's 625 Washington Lobbyists

(7/20/00) Citizens for Better Medicare: The Truth Behind the Drug Industry's Deception of America's Seniors

(7/6/00) Addicting Congress: Drug Companies' Campaign Cash & Lobbying Expenses

(4/5/00) Holding Patients Hostage: The Unhealthy Alliance Between HMOs and Senate Leaders

Homeland Security Industries

(10/18/04) Homeland Unsecured: The Bush Administration’s Hostility to Regulation and Ties to Industry Leave America Vulnerable

Miscellaneous Industries & Trade Groups

(2/21/05) Tom Donohue: U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Oversees Renegade Corporations While Pushing for Limits to Corporate Accountability

(1/18/05) Bush’s 2005 Inauguration Celebration: Brought to You by Corporate America

(12/02/04) Final Analysis: A Few People Dominate the Giving

(10/29/04) Offshoring American Jobs: Corporations, Campaign Cash & Bush Administration Policies

(10/27/04) Corporate Cronies: How the Bush Administration Has Stalled A Major SEC Reform and Placed the Interests of Corporate Donors over the Nation’s Investors

(6/12/03) Unfairness Incorporated: The Corporate Campaign Against Consumer Class Actions

(1/1/00) Corporate Shill Enterprise: A Public Citizen Report on Citizens for a Sound Economy, a Corporate Lobbying Front Group

  Tobacco Industry

(7/26/00) The CALA Files: The Secret Campaign by Big Tobacco and Other Major Industries to Take Away Your Rights

(3/18/98) Burning Down the Houses: Big Tobacco's 1997 Congressional Lobbying

(3/19/96) Smoke and Mirrors: The Tobacco Industry's Influence on the Phony "Grassroots" Campaign for Liability Limits


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